About Us

We are a family who lives in Arizona. We play desert, park, and higher elevation forest courses.

We will release a couple unique disc golf products in 2021. Basically they are products we wish we had in 2020. Some are currently in production and some are in the prototype phase and are being tested. We aim to provide and create products that are eco-friendly, and we try to use only sustainable packaging.

While we wait for our products to be produced, we would like to promote buying pre-owned discs. Previously thrown, or seasoned discs, often fly less overstable or less stable compared to newer discs of the same mold. Our current collection of pre-owned discs is mostly from purchasing used and new discs over several years. We won't sell newly found inked discs. We text the owner or drop those in a lost and found system at a local brick and mortar disc golf shop.