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This is our first Hippie Pro product. We wanted a very portable indoor putting target to use where metal baskets are inconvenient (e.g., bedrooms, dorms, hotel rooms, etc.). In smaller spaces metal baskets can be in the way and a little too easy which can lead to boredom and a loss of focus. Chain baskets can also be loud indoors and disruptive to others who are watching tv or sleeping (e.g., roommates, children, etc.). So, we made an indoor disc golf target that trains one to aim for the middle of the pole above the basket cage, that is still challenging in small spaces, and that provides a little audible feedback when the bullseye is hit. 

It was built to improve muscle memory, improve confidence, and avoid the yips. If you have tried everything else but still find 15 to 20 foot putts stressful in tournaments and leagues, then maybe give this a try. It is an "aim small miss small" product that will help a player think more about putting motions and consistency. This is because it will be very difficult to hit the bullseye at first, but if one truly works and focuses on hitting it, this process can reveal movement and release inconsistencies. In the long run, repetitions that are fairly consistent in hitting the bullseye, which requires very precise motor movements, should overtime result in muscle memory that is "overbuilt" or more finely tuned than it needs to be for hitting much larger baskets. 

Here is how we use it. Start putting at a distance where you can easily hit the pillowcase (e.g., 10 feet) but have trouble hitting the bullseye. The Basket Case has a removable wooden insert behind the red rectangle. When the bullseye is hit it makes an audible knock sound. If you don't hear the knock, then it is a splash-out or miss. As you improve, move a little further away. Work on making your putt highly replicable. Start with your foot placement. Use a foot placement that doesn't pull your arm to the right or left. It may help to reposition your feet before each putt to build consistency. Try a simple two syllable mantra (e.g., "bullseye" or "center") to give your putt a replicable rhythm and speed. Mantras can also help washout distractions.

Why a pillowcase? We wanted an (1) indoor target that trains a player to focus on the pole, (2) that is padded and doesn't beat-in discs, (3) that can be hung on a wall out of the way, and (4) that is ultraportable for shipping and travel.  So, we made a pillowcase with an artistic print that focuses on hitting the pole and added a grommet for hanging. 

Why Linen? Linen is one of the top few ecofriendly fabrics. Of those few, it is the most durable. Being long lasting and not disposable is also ecofriendly. Different fabric blends are available to us at different times. At any given time, we choose the best blend available. We prefer hemp, flax (linen), and organic cotton.

Our product testing (us and friends) suggests that if this product is left out ready for use people tend to do more putting practice while waiting for food to cook, while watching TV, or after just passing by and seeing the target.


Dimensions: 20 X 30 inches

Color: White

Materials: Linen

100% Recycled Packaging